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Congrats to the Flanneled Prophet

November 13, 2012 Leave a comment

There are few on the planet who’ve studied Star Wars as closely as me. Not sure if I should be proud of it, but it’s true.

But to understand Star Wars is also to have spent a lot of time on the Flanneled Prophet himself, George Lucas.

I think he’s been planning his sale to Disney for a long time. Lucasfilm would wither and slowly wane if they tried to remain independent: Disney is the only true logical buyer and can use its resources to grow the franchise. Plus, Lucas monetizes and better than doubles his wealth in the process.

This is a savvy move to see a legacy perpetuated long after Lucas is gone. Which is what Star Wars deserves.

As for the stories themselves…it’s my view these are timeless, archetypal, universal tales—which means, if I’m right, they should survive and thrive with new authors and new directions with new generations at the helm. Just like 10,000 writers and artists re-imagined Batman, Superman, Spider-man, Achilles, Thor, Rama, and so on, the Star Wars universe deserves such a fate too.

Joseph Campbell certainly agreed.

And anyway…there will be NEW STAR WARS FILMS. Which is awesome. My currently 4 year old nephew will be 8 when the first new one comes out, and I don’t know which of us will have more fun when it does; seeing his reaction alone will be worth the while.

Forbes 400 and Star Wars

September 27, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s always fascinating and amusing to view the Forbes 400 list each year. (Click here to see it.) Forbes actually lists a “source” of the wealth. Most folks are investors, or entrepreneurs, or energy magnates…that sort of thing.

Clocking in at #107 this year, with an estimated $3.2 billion to his name, is the greatest storyteller of the 20th century, George Lucas. Reason: Star Wars. Star Wars! Not a movie company or some holding company he formed, but a story—a story!—has proven one of the greatest wealth generators of all-time.

There has yet to be a worthy biography written about this ultimate of Hollywood mavericks (he came to the Bay Area and refused to join unions because of his disdain for how Hollywood works), who formed his own companies, took most of the risk on his own shoulders, and realized a vision to complete one of the most archetypally relevant and powerful stories in human history. Yes, human history. I’ve said my piece on this topic in a book some ten years ago.

Congrats, George. Now if we can just get you to stop tinkering with those films repeatedly…


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