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Is a Euro Break-Up Priced In?

I’m not a fully-fledged contrarian, and never have been. But smart investors must constantly ask themselves what’s already reflected in market prices. Because, if the thing you fear is already reflected in prices, that leaves a lot of room for upside surprise. A year ago, a euro breakup seemed impossible. Now it’s…inevitable? You be the judge:

Bogus Bailout: Why Europe Isn’t Off the Hook – Charlie Gasparino, NY Post

The Euro Zone Needs A Bigger Bazooka – Jason O’Mahony, MarketWatch

Survival Of The Euro Depends On France – Michael Sivy, Moneyland

Euro Crisis: Doubting ‘Domino’ Effect – Edward Lazear, Wall Street Journal

Achilles’ Heel of the Eurozone – Dimitri Papadimitriou, Los Angeles Times

Why We Can’t Escape the Eurocrisis – Gerald O’Driscoll, Wall Street Journal

Europe’s Doomed, Doomed I Say – Felix Salmon, Reuters

Is Greece Just Bluffing to Get a Better Deal? – Cyrus Sanati, Fortune

What Will China Demand to Save the Euro? – William Pesek, Bloomberg

The Mysterious, Gravity Defying Euro – Kenneth Rogoff, Project Syndicate

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