Could Headlines

This isn’t news:

Fed Weighs Growth RisksOfficials Keep Fresh Eye on Slowing Inflation, Europe Even as the U.S. Recovers

It’s a kind of anti-news, what-if news, not-really news, speculative news. There’s no story here. It’s what I call a “could” headline in my book, 20/20 Money. There’s the possibility of a story, but not really a story. Nothing about the Fed keeping an eye on global growth and weighing options for what it might do in the future is different than any other day of financial existence. Some will say, “But the stakes are higher today and the Fed’s moves are more important than ever.” I’ve been hearing that for as long as I’ve been in this business. What the Fed does is always important, as is what the economy, inflation, and unemployment are doing. That will never not be true.

Investors would do well to completely skip headlines like these, which waste time and offer nothing but obfuscation.

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